Westcliffe Gallery Workshop

Finding the right frame to suit the picture is surely a frame maker’s prime objective. At the Westcliffe Gallery our aim is to do exactly that.


Our quality of work is a balance between modern manufacturing styles as well as a strong emphasis in a wide range of "hand finished" frames by skilled crafts people. We also continually expand our hand carved framing service and can offer a wide diversity of sight and back edge carvings. Whatever you require the same care and attention to detail is to be seen on a simple painted profile as well as those water or oil gilded in precious metals such as Gold Leaf, White Gold etc.


The range of different finishes and distressing we can accomplish is second to none, ranging from basically an untouched frame, to those that resemble an old, beaten, worn frame from centuries past. The team of highly skilled crafts people we have at the Westcliffe Gallery have made and finished frames for many of the worlds leading art both old and modern alike from Degas, Turner, Monet, Van Gogh to Heindel, Lenkiewicz, John Piper to name but a few.


In addition to frame manufacture, the Westcliffe Gallery offers a complete frame repair and restoration service. This can often be the perfect solution when an original frame replacement might prove to be too expensive.


With almost 35 years of professional experience in the framing business the Westcliffe Gallery tries to ensure that you make the right choice in achieving a correct visual image for your art.

A small selection of our hand finished mouldings.

A small selection of our hand built and hand finished frames

A very small selection of our standard mouldings.

A few fine examples of our bespoke framing which demonstrates

the endless possibilities achievable in our workshops.